Art with Purpose

Embracing Knowledge, Truth and Love

I am in the process of reinventing myself once again. Moving forward I will be striving to create art that is both sustainable and closer to my heart than what I have produced in the past. This will involve preferring local pick ups and digital downloads over anything that involves shipping. After I work through my existing backlog of store-bought materials I will be moving as much as possible to greener mediums obtained locally or produced and grown personally by me such as plant based inks and fibers. My values have not so much changed as deepened and gained urgency.

I intend to focus more intensively on subjects related to the idea that there is no one right way to live but that there is at least one wrong way and that is to go through the world as if nothing matters.

A lifelong skeptic and non-believer in organized religion and though respectful of other belief systems I have always held, personally that no supernatural explanation was required in order to live a good, ethical and fulfilling life. Since the birth of my granddaughter I have been moved to a new realization of my own personal insignificance and at the same time an imperative to act in the interest of others. I feel compelled to do whatever is in my power to do to assure that she has a world worth living in.

My values which I am in the process of formulating into a cohesive philosophy are roughly outlined below. If you feel these do not reflect your own, then by all means, do not support my work or purchase my art, that is your right as a autonomous human being.

There is no one right way to live. But all the many possible ways will have some common elements such as a movement toward a free, just and equitable society by necessity existing in harmony with nature.

Cooperation, Nonviolence, Equality of all races, sexes and nationalities

All humans born on this earth are of equal value

Coercion and Violence are the methods of a dying civilization and those who would help to create a better world have no need of them, nor any system that requires these in order to continue.

Science Only With Conscience

Freedom only with Responsibility to the Earth and our Fellow Humans

Some of the more challenging themes I will be working out, most likely in collections of related pieces will be the concept of false connections and false divisions.

Sex and Violence have been falsely linked

Law and Order have been falsely linked

Freedom and Security have been falsely separated

We as members of the human species and as members of the great interconnected web of life on this planet have been falsely separated from each other and from the natural world

And, most of all, that it is within our power, collectively to change these things.

I still accept commission work upon request.

I’ll consider any project that meets my ethical standards of doing no harm and quote you a fair price based on size and materials. Keep in mind that if you are geographically remote, I may begin to charge much more for shipping, to reflect the environmental cost, with the excess to be given to a local environmental project of my patron and I’s choosing.

To donate and support my work just click on the link below. Note that I will be, in the near future (1-2yrs max), divesting from this payment system as it gives a small percentage cut to the system that I am opposing with my work and will be working to find an alternative.


The Masquerade

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