Humans need food for fuel, sleep to dream, air to breathe. For me art is just as essential as any of these. Moreso, because it is how I let in the world and share it with others. As a child my mother handed me a crayon and said draw what you see and that is what I still do today. I’m primarily self taught but I have long admired and studied the old Renaissance masters which reinforced my decision to work as a realist. Though my paintings all have a story, I want the viewer to create their own narrative; to make it as real to them as it is to me.
I do custom work on request. These are often portraits from life or from photographs, but I’ll consider any project and quote you a fair price based on size and materials. To donate and support my work just click on the link below.

Life Drawing, Texas Tech University 2001

Gallery Walk, Iowa City, IA 2007

Barnes and Noble Cafe, Coralville, IA 2010 and 2012 (solo show)

Demicon Des Moines, IA 1990, 1991 and 2011

Archon, Collinsville, IL 2014

Koken Art Factory Halloween Show, St. Louis, MO 2014

Ann Metzger Memorial Art Exhibition, Clayton, MO 2014

Old Orchard Gallery 33 December Show, St. Louis, MO 2014

Koken Art Factory Krampus Show, St. Louis, MO 2015

Naughti Gras, St. Louis, MO 2015

Koken Art Factory Trash To Art Show, St. Louis, MO 2015

RAW Artists Glimpse Show, St. Louis, MO 2015

Archon Convention, Collinsville, IL 2015

Archon Convention, Collinsville, IL 2016

Demi-Con Convention, Des Moines, IA 2018

Private Collections throughout the United States, Canada, Sweden and Germany

Archives Record Store ads 1990s

Great Lakes CD cover 2008

Summer of the Wolf Book Cover 2017

The Masquerade

To Request Your Own Demian Legg Exclusive, One of a Kind Art …Go To  :



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